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“icon1 helped Unity 3D launch a new integrated Conference Portal ”

The Challenge


Unity 3D is the creator of the world’s most widely used real-time 3D development platform, giving developers around the world tools to create rich, interactive 2D, 3D, VR and AR experiences. Unity is at the bleeding-edge of technology working alongside partners such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft. Experiences made with Unity reach nearly 3 billion devices worldwide and counting!

Unity 3D was a sponsor for a Samsung event and saw their Conference portal icon1 had created for them and loved it! Unity immediately contacted icon1 and were eager to work with us to create a customized and fluid Sponsorship and Conference portal to engage their sponsors and support their stakeholders with backend capabilities.

Unity presented icon1 with a series of requirements for their Conference and Sponsorship Portal that needed to be cost effective, easy to use, scalable and customized to their specific workflows. The most pressing requirement was that all of it needed to be developed within a 2 month turnaround for the opening of Unity’s Berlin event.

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Our Approach


Unity provided icon1 with their current “as is” situation to identify their current problems, their specific requirements and their needs. Icon1 hit the ground running by identifying all the deliverables required and pain points such as the archaic methods of communicating through PDF, email, excel files and fragmented systems.

The Conference Portal was created first followed by the development of the Sponsorship portal and then both were linked together to create an end to end system for Unity’s requirements.

The exposure Unity had at Samsung’s event to icon1’s software allowed for a transparent and effortless transition from the way they were currently doing things to a more streamlined and cohesive system because they fell in love with it even before they began using icon1’s software themselves.

The Results


Icon1 worked with Unity to create a full circle system that provided a unified portal where sponsors can come, learn and decide if they wanted to sponsor Unity’s events. The consolidated portal created more hype to attract new sponsorships and retain current ones. The backend capabilities allowed stakeholders to review and approve sponsor applications, manage workflows and enabled clear, high-level oversight on all aspects of the Conference and Sponsorship deliverables.

Unity experienced improved sponsorships, higher sponsor engagement and retention leading to increased ROI. The request to collect required information was improved, time efficiencies were tightened and Unity’s web presence and marketing influences became more impactful.

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