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Savviness is one thing,
beauty is another.

When it came to being savvy we knew that The Savvy Beauty could give us a lesson or two in the world of health care, lifestyle and beauty. So when they came to us with the following assignment: Create a website that can promote product knowledge and insight to honest beauty, health care and lifestyle tips! We knew that in order to create the flawless beauty journal we had to ensure that the overall experience would engage and encourage the user to dig deeper for information based on their desires and needs

There are
of different
ways of
being savvy

Mobile Experience

Keep people informed,
wherever they go.

In order to keep the savvy beauties amused we set out to create a seamless mobile version experience - that was stress-free and easy to navigate. We imaged a “magazine” in the palm of your hand. No matter where you are on the planet, you had your go-to guidebook for all occasions or inquiries. In addition to the mobile version, we made sure that the user experience would tie into social apps as we are so accustomed to using them on our phones. Next stop: the beauty counter.


There is Beauty in Simplicity

Following the launch of The Savvy Beauty, we were thrilled to receive news that the flawless yet carefree no makeup needed website we designed was giving users an amazing experience but not only that! The partnering company to The Savvy Beauty was also receiving wonderful feedback and sales were rising for their products.

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