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Seven View Chrysler Dodge Jeep & Ram

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The Project

Seven View Takes Your Business to the First-Class Experience

Seven View Chrysler Dodge Jeep & Ram is an award winning dealership that services the heart of City of Vaughan and the community for over 37 years. With their outstanding sales staff, large lot and amazing deals every month it was no surprise that when they came to icon1 looking for a team of professionals to help them track, manage and boost sales on their website, dealership and social media. We knew that we could make their customer experience an iconic one.

If You
Dodge it
Ram it

The Challenge

Our Approach

For this project/assignment, Seven View Chrysler wanted to push the edge of car sales with a new and more efficient lead capturing system customized for their specific needs. Not only was icon1 capable of creating a customized sales portal for internal use – we also revamped the look and feel of their website to make it look more modern fresh and clean. Following the changes to the website and successful development of the internal sales portal we were formerly asked to take control of all creative material, all information pertaining to or on their website and as an added advantage we provide them with onsite support and troubleshooting.

Creativity Makes the Adventure

Ready, Set, Drive

Knowing that Seven View Chrysler was on a new adventure – icon1 recognized that we had to create something even bigger and better than our sales portal and creative material! With our artistic and creative minds we presented Seven View Chrysler with the idea of a Jeep Jamboree. An all-day event highlighting the power of a Jeep Motors.

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