Point of Sale Assets

Mondelez POS

Asset and inventory Management System

Customized POS asset management System

About the Project

Mondelez was looking to create a new system to replace their asset management system that was being used to order point of sales pops assets across Canada. The system was outdated and costly to use and Mondelez was looking for a solution to replace the platform.

The major challenge was making sure that all the stakeholder’s requirements were achieved. Another challenge was making sure the switchover was seamless and day to day services were not interrupted.

Icon1’s first object when retained by Mondelez was to make sure we collected all the requirement across all the different stakeholders and departments so that we can properly map out the entire system which include the reps, middle and higher management, Mondelez logistics team and their SAP integration team.

Collaborating with Mondelez we identified all the possible workflows and created a series of wireframe specs and mock-ups of the new system. This included frontend, backend, logistics and SAP integrations.

Once we had approval our team at icon1 went into development, and in two and half short months Mondelez was on the new platform

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