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Jeep Jamboree

You want muscle we’ll give you muscle

Ready, Set, Drive!

When most people think of Jeep, we know they think muscle, adventure, 4X4 and sometimes even the famous scene from Jurassic Park when the Jeep managed to outrun the T-Rex. At least those were some of the ideas our icon1 team had in their brains when we decided to plan the Jeep Jamboree. Our goal for this event was to try something new, something exciting and something different for the Seven View Chrysler dealership. It would be the first monster event the dealership has ever held.

Jeep –
You can go fast but
I can go anywhere!

The Course selects a Winner!

The Plan for this event was to bring in Jeep enthusiasts, local Jeep Clubs and the local community to give them an experience they would never forget. The icon1 team took charge of this event and it was an enormous success; there were 500 plus attendees, a custom built car course on the lot, we had a local station and DJ. We customized merchandise for the day, had custom trophies designed and not to mention we invited local super car clubs that came by to showcase their vehicles.

The Jeep Jamboree was such a success that we boosted local awareness of the dealership which led to new sales, new clientele and a new fun image that suited the change in the new world.

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