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Financial Fighter

Fighting for your website

The Fight for the Financial Website

When Ian Webster The Financial Fighter walked through the doors of icon1, it was an instant connection. We knew he came in looking for fighters – fighters that would fight to recreate his image and fight for the brand of his company which was him. He was the Image that needed a fresh, chic, modern, trusting look and feel that could keep up with the modern times. He needed a new website that would scream “I CAN HELP YOU AND WILL” funny enough: we did the same to him.

There are no pleasures in a fight
but some of my fights
have been a pleasure to win
– Muhammad Ali

The Method

Keeping it Raw

After speaking with Ian Webster, icon1 came to an understanding of what he was looking for in his custom developed website and that was; I want it Real & Raw, no fluffing up, I want people to see the truth to my work and how I can help them. Taking his words the creative icon1 team went straight to work and produced a website the screamed the honesty, financial crisis, and resolution.

The Website

Honesty is the Policy

When looking at The Financial Fighter website, you will notice we chose a simplistic yet motivating color scheme of blue and green with lots of powerful images of financial crisis and solution. Blue and green were the perfect choices due to the fact that when you see green: you think money but not only that; it is the color of global trend awareness which would be financial crisis because it has become the new “norm” and blue because it reminds you of security, dependable and committed everything the Ian Webster is.

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