Asset Management System

Manage Exhibit Assets & Client Orders All in
One Place

Give your clients visibility to all their exhibit assets via our custom portal. Track all orders and inventory across multiple clients and warehouse locations. icon1’s Asset Management Portal was designed to help you save time and improve your client Asset Management workflow.

Customized & Branded To Fit Your Company and Conference Needs

Start by Setting up the Perfect Sponsorship Website to Promote and Collect All Your Conference Sponsors.

Exhibit Inventory & Assets Portal Manage and provide clear visibility on all your client rental exhibit properties and assets in one location.
Multi-Status Workflow Setup workflows to track exhibit orders, event asset collaboration, inventory, multi warehouse shipping, and inventory quality.
Event Tracking and Management All orders are linked to events that you can track and manage in one location. Event details can be customized to match your workflow and specifications.
Reporting View detailed reports on what assets are being used to maximize your warehouse space and event messaging.

Client-Specific Exhibit Solutions

Online Ordering of Off-The-Shelf and Custom Exhibits Properties and More.

Preload your Asset Management system with all your approved exhibit and graphics.

Customize and setup your Asset Management System to showcase and repurpose your exhibit properties and assets. Add your show materials, graphic artwork, furniture, booth designs and more, providing clear visibility and messaging for your event reps. Reduce costs, maintain company branding and track all your events all in one location.

We work with your exhibit company to deliver the full end-to-end solution.

Exhibit Solutions for
Exhibit Companies

Build Stronger Relationships with Our Turnkey Rental Exhibit Property System.

Manage multi client exhibits and graphics in one location to achieve a higher ROI. Users can search and find properties that can be used for events. Capture key event details to track and monitor all your client events. Quick ship inventory allows users to find, view properties and place orders. Save time and costs in searching, developing, and coordinating multiple exhibit properties and events.

White Labeled to your company brand identity and customized to your workflow.

Customize Your Exhibit Portal

Your exhibit portal can be customized to meet your company workflow and processes. Setup the workflow that maximizes your organizational internal processes, capture only what you want, setup specific business rules and integrate with other existing systems. We work with you to create the perfect fit.

White Label Portal

Our exhibit portals can be White Labeled to your company band identity to look and feel seamlessly like yours, or brand each portal to your client. With icon1 you have more options that fit you company needs.

Integrate with Other ERP Systems

Our integration team will work with you setup the perfect integration with other system. Collect or pass the the data you want to create the perfect workflow We can integrate with you inventory, CRM, or apps.


Our system is fully support to make sure to get the best results and service. We support you from the first meeting to understand your organizations requirements, to deployment, training and on-going.

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