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How Digital Marketing Increases Conference Sponsorship

With the integration of digital marketing within the conference sponsor industry, sponsors nowadays consciously look for conferences that include their potential target audience. After all, with the real-world impact of social media platforms to measure targeted audience engagement for particular events, sponsors from all around the world look for the right conference when making an investment. When executed properly, a compelling and engaging social media presence and a captive and creative digital marketing campaign of…

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How Asset Management Software Helps You Organize and Execute the Perfect Event

Organizing and executing events, exhibits and conferences can be an arduous task. There are a multitude of different facets that need to be seamlessly threaded together, to create an impactful experience for both company and client. The success of this process can be significantly increased by using an Exhibit Asset Management software. With so many people, tasks and business units collectively working together, having a portal hub that allows clear communication creates invaluable return on…

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